Hello, I'm Johnny Lozano, a front-end developer.

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Modern HTML and CSS techniques in order to build professional and elegant designs.

JavaScript & React

Proficient JavaScript and scripting knowledge to build concurrent and scalable applications.

Node.js and MongoDB

Backend and database knowledge to deliver robust and performant solutions.

About Me

I am a senior pursuing a B.S. in Computer Engineering in Georgia, USA, and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time. I am a well-organized, punctual, and independent problem solver with a high attention to detail. I am interested in working with ambitious and positive people in the entire frontend spectrum!

I have always excelled with technology, and I have worked with many different facets of technology through my coursework. However, I fell in love with web development in particular, and I built websites, commercial landing pages, and web applications for friends and family because I found it fascinating. In particular, I really enjoy watching how my projects unfold during the development process, and I love tinkering with how everything fits together!

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